Welcome to Dignity Philadelphia

45th Anniversary Dinner/Dance, May 19, 7-11pm

Dignity/Philadelphia will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary with a dinner/dance on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at the Mummers Museum (1100 S 2nd Street, Philadelphia) from 7pm to 11pm.

There will be an open bar (beer, wine and soda), a buffet dinner, music and dancing.

Tickets can be purchased for $40 each through this link:  https://www.razoo.com/organization/Dignity-Philadelphia.  Click on DONATE and then select the option to make a $40 donation.  If you want to purchase more than 1 ticket, click on custom and make your donation in multiples of $40.

Tickets can also be purchased at our Sunday liturgies (through May 6) and by emailing dignityphila@aol.com and leaving your contact information.  Deadline to purchase tickets is May 8

The following evening, Sunday, May 20, we will hold our 45h Anniversary Mass at 7pm.  Father Paul M. will be presiding.

Dignity/Philadelphia was founded in 1973.  Our community is open to everyone of all faiths.  We are a community of people who believe that God made and loves us all and that God has called us all to share in the faith community, especially in the spiritual and sacramental life of the Church.  We believe that all people can express their sexuality in a manner that is consonant with Christ's teaching.


Saturday, May 19 from 7pm - 11pm
45th Anniversary Dinner/Dance at The Mummers Museum



April 29
4:30pm - Community Meeting re The Future of Dignity/Philadelphia
7pm - Mass

May 2
10:30am - Broad Street Ministry

May 6
4:30pm - Board of Directors Meeting
7pm - Mass

May 13
4:30pm - Liturgy Service Committee Meeting
7pm - Mass

May 19
7-11pm - 45th Anniversary Dinner/Dance

May 20
6pm - Rosary
7pm - 45th Anniversary Mass

May 27
7pm - Mass






Please join us for
Liturgy each Sunday at 7:00 p.m.
at the Church of
St. Luke and the Epiphany
[330 S. 13th St. between Spruce and Pine]

A Caring, supportive community of gay, lesbian,
bisexual, transgender Catholics, our families and friends