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Email address:  _______________________________________________________ to receive Dignity Philadelphia’s Newsletter (The Independence) and the latest news via email blasts.  Your support through your dues to DignityUSA will entitle you to voting privileges in national elections; subscriptions to the monthly Dateline and Quarterly Voice; discounted registration for biennial conventions and other DignityUSA events; and access to Dignity News email list and chat groups.   

Individual annual dues: Dignity/Philadelphia only $20 OR combined with DignityUSA ($40) for $60                        $_____    Total

Couple’s annual dues:  Dignity/Philadelphia only $35 OR combined with DignityUSA ($120) for $155                    $_____    Total

Scholarships available for Dignity/Philadelphia and DignityUSA memberships.

Electronic payment at or please enclose your check, payable to Dignity/Philadelphia, and mail to: Dignity/Philadelphia, P.O. Box 53348, Philadelphia, PA 19105.

The total amount of your dues and donations to both Dignity/Philadelphia and DignityUSA may be included in one check.

We will forward your DignityUSA dues/donations and your contact information to the DignityUSA national office.

Here are the steps to make an electronic payment.  First, from your computer go to If you misplace the link, just go to and then search for Dignity Philadelphia. Click on our logo to be taken to Dignity Philadelphia’s page. From there, you can select your donation category.  Be sure to indicate whether you want your contribution to be a one-time, weekly, monthly, or annual contribution.  Then you input your credit card information and you will receive a receipt by email.  The Chapter gets a confirming email as well so we know about your payment or donation.  If you decide to set up periodic donations, i.e. anything other than a “one-time” donation, your credit card will be billed automatically.

Members can renew their membership either as individual or as a couple. Just like the paper membership renewal form, members can also pay their Dignity/USA membership at the same time.  People can also make a donation of any amount to the Chapter.   Through Razoo, members can renew their membership or make donations at any time and from any place that has internet access.

The Chapter did not raise it membership rates. The amounts listed on the website are slightly higher than the rates on the membership form. This is to cover the service fee charged by Razoo. Although there are other websites that the Chapter could have used to allow for electronic payments, the  Steering Committee decided to use Razoo because every dollar donated is considered tax deductible by the donor. A donor’s payments are recorded as having been made to the Razoo Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. The Razoo Foundation sends a monthly check to the Chapter for all the donations received that month less their processing fee. For example, when members renews their membership electronically at $22, the Chapter gets $20 and Razoo get $2. The member’s credit card statement will show a $22 donation to the Razoo Foundation, making the entire $22 an eligible tax deduction. With other online payment systems, not all of the payment made by the donor would have been tax-deductible.  The Steering Committee selected Razoo in order to make it easier for members to know what portion of their payment will be tax-deductible. Through Razoo, the full amount of the payment is considered is eligible to be deducted from the donor's tax return.